The Story

The Valiant InfoBase was created by an ever increasing need by enthusiasts to find out what Chrysler Australia actually did during its production years and what vehicles still remain.

Bill Papanicolaou, the creator of the Valiant InfoBase said “People today, more than ever are wanting to know more about their car, especially the cars history. Quite often we have clients wanting to know if their past family car is still in existence. We have already found cars in this example and with the approval process of the people involved we have reunited these cars back to past family owners. “It’s a Family Tree for cars!”

Bill also says his aim is to “to give enthusiasts a better picture as to what Chrysler Australia actually did on the production line and to share that knowledge via the reports in the Valiant InfoBase.”

Other questions being asked by the Chrysler community were “I’m trying to find the original engine or Can you tell me what chassis (car) this engine belonged to? Hence the creation of The Valiant InfoBase.

Bill Papanicolaou’ s aim is to gather as much information on the amount of Chrysler’s still in existence and balance against his complete collection of original records. Bill says “Utilisation of database modelling can provide a complete picture of production number,variances and options. The data base is also capable of identifying individual options, registered, restored, wrecked or stolen vehicles”.

Owners are asked to fill out a form detailing information such as ‘Proof of Ownership time of ownership and the known history of the car’. Bill says “statistically it’s important that basic information such as the owner’s year of birth allows us to see demographically what age groups are driving what models. This is another example of one of the many reports the InfoBase can produce.”

This database of information allows current owners who ask us about the history of their vehicle a resource to find their pride and joys history. However, the Valiant InfoBase is only as good as the information that people contribute. Most enthusiasts would agree with Bill when he says “The more information we receive about vehicles the abler we are to answer questions, it’s like putting a BIG jigsaw puzzle together.”

Security of personal information submitted and provided to the Valiant InfoBase is bound by the States privacy principles (NSW Privacy Act 1988). Owner Details are kept in strict confidence.In the event that parties wish to make contact permission from each must be given from both via the InfoBase, this maintains individual security and privacy.

As Defined, The Valiant InfoBase mission is to cater to the needs of not only Valiant’s, but all Chrysler models in Australia including, Dodge Phoenix, Hillman, Galant, Lancer, …And as such, the Valiant InfoBase plays an important part in preserving the history of Chrysler’s in Australia .