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Registration Form

  • Please provide a postal address so we can post out your registration letter and InfoBase Car sticker.
  • Used for our demographic report
  • Vehicle Details

  • Please enter your cars model
  • Full Vin Example: VH7-H-29-GG01-3245
  • Service Order Acceptance - Not all vehicles have this stamped on the inner guard or compliance plate. Usually a 3 digit number. Used for when a car has something unusual added or deleted from the regular production options.
  • Please Upload a photo of either INNER GUARD STAMPING AND/OR COMPLIANCE PLATE. You may also add as many photos you want of your pride and joy, even if you have old & restoration photos! This about recording a photographic history of the car which we will add to the file.
    Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 2 MB.
    • We encourage everyone to at least register their pride an joy. This will help us creating a better picture as to what is still "Out There" as we always get asked how many were made and how many are left.
    • Only for cars that have been written off. Downloadable from our web site.
    • Specification Sheet for The Specification Sheet shows a detailed breakdown of your vehicle's physicals, such as body type, engine originality, option code & paint code deciphering. Downloadable from our web site.
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      Printed + Free Postage
    • Downloadable from our web site.
    • Laminated + Free Postage
    • Presentation Package Consisting ALL reports, Specification Sheet, Photo Gallery (when avail), Car Display Sheet, Statistical Reports (over 130 pages in PDF) Downloadable from our web site.
    • Printed ( Free Postage)
    • Downloadable from our web site (Only for registered presentation pack owners - not transferable between cars)
    • Printed (Only for registered presentation pack owners - not transferable between cars) free postage